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Room with a view

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Canvas wall art is hot décor for every room in your home

Canvas wall art – (photographic and fine art prints on canvas) offer endless choice when you are choosing to update your wall décor in your home. Canvas prints of photographs, whether from professional stock photography or your own add a unique touch in any room. These picture décor choices give every space in your house an artistic look that displays your individuality and creativity.


One large canvas offers the most dramatic effect in this space of your home. At Art of Canvas we are able to print up to 3,5 m in length! This panoramic style is very on trend.

A sentimental family photo or an image from stock photography sites such as www.istock.com will certainly give your living room the wow factor it deserves.

Panoramic canvas wall art in dining room

Main Bedroom

This is a space in your home where you can showcase more personal aspects of your life. Family photos really do come into their own here. Collage templates can assist you to design your unique piece of art. Grouping various canvases of the family in a layout above the headboard brings love and warmth into the room.

Canvas wall art complementing decor in bedroom.

Fake it with trompe l'oeil

Rooms that are small or lack a good view can be transformed into a setting as wide as your imagination. Trompe l'oeil is the visual illusion in art, used to trick the eye into perceiving a painted detail which is not real as being real. Choose a sunset, forest or beach view.

The Home Office

Choose images related to your business, branding and even your vision.

Personalised canvas wall art

Children's Rooms

Your kids have created masterpieces at school. Printed canvas wall art is the ideal way to give these images longevity and archival quality as opposed to getting moth eaten at the bottom of the cupboard. Scan your child’s paintings and drawings into a digital format such as a pdf and then print them onto canvas. Kids love to see their parents appreciate their art! Such a boost to their self-esteem! Baby photos on canvas are also special, as your child can see how they are growing up! At Art of Canvas our photos to canvas are coated with a UV protection sealer to protect against aging and curious fingers!

A canvas print of graffiti is really cool for a teenage room.

The kitchen

Who said you can’t hang art in the kitchen? Add a splash of creativity to your kitchen. Introduce a bold colour scheme to accentuate against the granite and wood.

The kitchen is the heart of the home so make it funky and cute! Just a caveat - don’t hang canvas wall art above the stove/oven as steam and heat can cause damage.

Bright canvas wall art in the kitchen

The Bathroom

Create your personal sanctuary away from the daily grind. Choose calming, pastel colours and pleasing photos that ignite fantasy whilst you relax and recharge.

Hang your canvas wall art a distance away from the shower and do not hang above the bath due to steam.

Canvas wall art works in the bathroom

So get busy searching through stock sites such as www.dreamstime.com and www.fotolia.com to find your inspiration!

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