• Julie van Niekerk

Impressive Double Volume Installation

Make a heroes statement with #largecanvasart.

Art of Canvas was commissioned to manufacture a custom large canvas for art by an interior decorator for his client’s majestic home. The specifications included imagery that was unique and unusual to the client. It also included installing the large canvas print on a 7 meter height double volume wall.

Due to the size of the installation we were working with we knew we could not make this order as one piece due to manufacturing and delivery constraints. It was decided to divide the image into six split canvas prints.

Our client wanted a granite and copper look and feel so this image became a joint effort between us the printers of photos on canvas and the artist who then painted on top of the canvas artwork, to add texture and create a unique custom canvas wall art. It did involve a lot of photo editing too.

Whilst the six frames were being manufactured in our work shop, behind the scenes was the carpenter who prepared the background frame on site for us to hang the large canvas art on.

In order to reach such heights, scaffolding was rented for the day’s installation. When the scaffolding was installed securely, were ready to install the split canvas prints.

This is certainly a four man job with lots of specialised tools and equipment and lots of time needed. The trickiest part of the job is to make sure each panel is installed level, so it matches up with the next wall art panel, otherwise gapping can be seen which detracts from the overall look and feel.

The space that the large canvas art was installed in was very unique. The double volume wall formed part of the entrance hall to this grand home which could also be viewed from the second floor level through glass balustrades.

Needless to say our client and his client were thrilled with the installation of the personalised canvas. A truly remarkable piece of canvas art allowing Art of Canvas to demonstrate its ability to install large canvas art.

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