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Canvas Collage Creations

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

When it comes to photo to canvas, at Art of Canvas you no longer have to choose only 1 top photo to print for your wall art. Canvas collage offers you so much flexibility and choice when designing your canvas picture.

Canvas collage templates allow you to design with numerous favourite photos without having to make that dreaded choice of only one. Wall art templates enhance design freedom. Working from scratch in a photo editor such as Photoshop is very time consuming. So take advantage of online template programmes - super easy and quick to use.

Canvas Collage

When you do search the net for canvas collage templates you will find they all offer free low resolution images. Unfortunately the low resolution file is not high enough to print off. Always choose the highest resolution option. Some may be free and others you may have to purchase, the average cost being $5 per collage.

photocollage.com –A very easy programme to use, with lots of template choices. The high resolution option is free to download

fotojet.com – This programme offers modern templates, loads of clip art and backgrounds. High resolution images are free for downloading.

Collage wall art

getloupe.com – This programme is very easy to use. It throws photos out like a deck of cards and then arranges them according to the shape you would like your photos to be in. This is great for numbers and letters. High resolution images cost $5.

Collage template

Canva.com – Fresh and contemporary templates. Some are free, whilst others need to be purchased.

So get out your pics from your latest holiday and print your memories on a canvas collage wall art – no need to choose your favourite. They can all be!

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